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Bonding with Unborn

A Baby continuously makes you feel her presence and growth by growing belly. I find it most exciting and interesting to know changes in the baby every passing week. Now baby has visible ears. This week baby has developed this this organs. Now baby has developed smell and hearing senses. And the list gets new additions every week. I don’t remember how many videos I seen on YouTube about weekly development of the baby. I liked the way they show new development every week and compare baby size with some vegetable or fruit or some other object. How can I forget the heartbeat? Its magical. Truly it is. Baby’s heartbeat sound like she is saying “Hey Dad! What’s up? Having fun Haan?”

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I am ashamed, you should be!

Like any coin, this has another side too. Few days back I was going through a case where a girl filed a rape case against his boss to defame his image and get his wealth. On top of it, her mother had planned it and inspired her doing this….

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How to Surrender LIC Policy?

Like many other young professionals, I went for LIC Jeevan Anand endowment policy. I was paying nearly 40,000 annually for a sum assured of 10 lakhs for 25 years. Slowly I started realizing that this policy is not worth paying this amount…..

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Chennai v2.0

I opened my eyes at 9 AM and looked out through bus window. I was in Chennai again after more than 3 years. Trust me; feeling was completely opposite to my anticipation. I was looking out like a kid and trying to recognize the streets….

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Pain in the Dark

Here just ask a simple question to yourself, are we humans are so selfish that we can’t even give a thing that is of no use to person who need it more than anything else in this world? Atleast i am not….

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Man is a Social Animal??

“Are you in constant touch with your old friends?” “Yes they are all in my facebook friend list… I am a pretty much social person.” Are we? Really?? Is this what we call socialism? I don’t think so.

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1/1/10 vs 1/1/11

Yesterday I thought of recalling all significant things that happened in my life in last one year and to my surprise I was not able to recall any such moment. One can say that my life has become boring…

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Yet Another Journey

I wrote all these because I am here sitting in office with absolutely no work to do and feeling sleepy. I yawned 6 times while writing these two paragraphs. This doesn’t mean I build satellites or work on rocket science on other days….

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Race to Infinity

From the next time, before comparing yourself with others and start running, do think twice that do you really need to be a part of this race and where your life is heading to. You got this life only once and life doesn’t mean only tomorrow….