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1/1/10 vs 1/1/11

19 January 2011 5,637 Views No Comment

1st Jan 2010 00:00 AM… it was less than a month I shifted from Chennai to Hyderabad. The whole world was celebrating New Year and I was all alone in Anupam’s House. I bought a half-bottle of Antiquity, drunk alone while watching some New Year performances on TV and Slept. It was totally a different kind of New Year celebration for me and very much unexpected in Hyderabad. The place, I used to come from Chennai on weekends to spend some good time with my friends. But by that time all were at different places across the globe.

1st Jan 2011 00:00 AM… this time I was in company of Anupam, Amit and Kedar. Four friends and New Year celebration. Definitely better than the last year. It was time for a small booze party in night followed by a day trip to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. Yes trip to a Dam on Jan 1st sound a bit unusual but you really don’t have much choices if you are in Hyderabad. Trip to a Dam is definitely better than a Boring Fort in its last days or a temple. Anyways, we didn’t went for a trip since a long time and what could be a better time than New Year to have one. Dam was ok and we had really good time. There was nothing much to do except driving here and there and taking some random photographs. But still….Spending a day out of Hyderabad was far better if you compare it with an option of drinking all the time in that 3 BHK apartment.

Yesterday I thought of recalling all significant things that happened in my life in last one year and to my surprise I was not able to recall any such moment. Nothing major happened in family, relationship status Single throughout the year, same job, same responsibilities, same work, same desk, same chair and same computer. One can say that my life has become boring and non happening but here I have to keep in mind that if nothing awesome thing happened to me in last one year then neither any bad thing happened. And I am thankful to God for this.

That’s all as of now. It’s time to say good bye to office and head towards home. I might get some beer at this time if I hurry.

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