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A (Black) Light at the End of the Tunnel

21 January 2009 4,183 Views No Comment

I don’t know I should regret my decision to go for Satyam, the last company came for recruitment in my college or feel myself lucky to witness the fall of India’s fourth largest IT Company and its recovery after that. At present I don’t know what is going to happen with me and 50,000 employees like me. It was very truly said by Mr Ramalinga Raju that we are riding on a Tiger without knowing how to get off from it without being eaten. I know everyone is doing his best to save this company. Even govt. is taking all possible steps.

Since the day Raju resigned, daily conference calls are going on with full of motivational thoughts. Even small good news makes everyone proud. I can’t understand what exactly they proud on. These days few case studies of company recovery from fall are getting circulated with subject line Rise of the Phoenix. Yesterday I got case study of computer associates and today Cadbury. But reality is….everyone is trying his/her level best to get another job. Unfortunately all this happened when recession is already there in global economy and almost every company has declared freeze in fresh recruitment. In this scenario it’s really hard to get another job for a professional like me having less than 2 year of experience. So we are left with no option other than continuing with Satyam and cheer on small news even if it won’t make any difference in current situation.

Today I am in a situation of walking through a tunnel without knowing how long it is and what’s there at the end, a dark or a sunlight. I am trying my best to come out of this tunnel without waiting for its end and bring my life again on track. I don’t know why but I am very much optimistic about Satyam that sooner or later it will come out of this crisis. This might be because I have no way other than going forward in this tunnel and wish for sunlight at the end not a dark. And I am giving my 110% to ensure my contribution to smell sunlight at the end brighter than never before.

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