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Chennai v2.0

13 June 2013 4,728 Views One Comment

When Pawan asked me to come to Chennai to meet him, I first ignored the idea for obvious reasons. Oh come on…which north Indian would voluntarily like to go to Chennai and chances are even less if he has spent first 3 years of his job in that oven. Then I was summoned by his wife for not coming and wasting all her efforts in cleaning the house. I felt guilty from the core of my heart and decided to donate two more days of life to that metropolitan city. Trust me; it is still impossible to say no to BHABHIs in this part of world or even argue with them.

“How worst it will be? I can manage” – I condoled myself and booked the tickets.

I opened my eyes at 9 AM and looked out through bus window. I was in Chennai again after more than 3 years. Trust me; feeling was completely opposite to my anticipation. I was looking out like a kid and trying to recognize the streets. I was acting as if I am coming back to my home. Seriously…this was happening. I am not saying this to impress any secret Tamilian girlfriend of mine neither I have been paid to write this. I get down at Koyambedu and found my next bus to Velachery. Then suddenly I saw something and I was out of that bus at lightning speed….it was Air Conditioned bus going to Velachery.

Struggle of asking address to Chennai locals has its own story. First you won’t be able to pronounce it and even if you succeed to do so by using all your English knowledge, they will make a mock of it as if that is the easiest word to pronounce. Then on top of your frustration, they make faces as if asking address is the biggest crime in Indian law and knowing addresses other that our own house is a non-bailable offence. So I decided to take the easiest route. I called Pawan and told him my location and asked him to pick me up.

I reached his home, played with his kid, ate some delicious food made by Bhabhiji and then decided to call Amandeep Singh to go for a movie. Aman suggested Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 and we rejected without wasting a second. Ok…being a Sardar I can understand his sentiments for Dharam paaji and sons but spending 15 person hours on it was like little too much. I suggested Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani in Mayajaal and they agreed. Girls die for romantic movies and considering the fact that both of them are married, they had no choice anyway.

Movie was good but Aditya Roy Kapoor performance was a bit suspicious. He was drinking whiskey all the time. A carbon copy of his performance in Aashiqui 2. They must have used the unused reels of Aashiqui 2 in this movie. After all it’s all about cost saving. I mean…how he can be so consistent with his performance.

“Wait a second…is he drinking from the same glass?” – I tried to recall.

“No No…it can’t be. He broke all of them in that movie and his girlfriend broke the remaining ones at the end” – finally I succeed to recall.

By that time, I was totally into analytical mood and then Deepika started dancing wearing blue color 2.05 meters cloth while Ranbir Kapoor claiming himself as Badtameez. “It’s not your fault buddy. She should wear a bit more to make you Sanskaari” – I tried to telepath my sympathy to Ranbir. Just to make sure he is not feeling guilty.

Unlike any other day, it was too hot outside. So I preferred to spend my Sunday inside home. I had to catch my bus in evening anyways. “Ok…This is end of this awesome weekend” – I thought while boarding the bus. But God seemed to be in naughty mood. It was a girl on upper berth. Probably in early 20’s with model like body measurements and size-zero figure (This was claimed by herself at later stage and I had no idea how should I react on this and what all body parts I should include to verify). A substantially reduced Pimple quantity on her face would have made her prettier. She introduced herself as Telugu Actress who was in Chennai for shooting. She was feeling scared of travelling alone and was disappointed by Restroom unavailability in Bus. This came as evidence to her claim of first time travel in Bus.

Seeing me illiterate about Telugu cinema, she made many other claims like she has done many movies and she know almost all Telugu actresses very personally including my favorite Samantha. Ofcourse I made adjustments in my mind by reducing her claims by 99.29% (PS – This doesn’t include her size-zero claim. I totally agreed on that). She sat on my berth as She was not feeling sleepy because she was scared of travelling alone (PS – Don’t assume this as Sleeping alone). We chatted on many things like what we like and hate, what makes us happy, what are our hobbies, where is our native place, what our parents do, am I married, how many girlfriends I have or had etc etc. she was extremely sad about getting proposed by as many as 50 man from Telugu film industry in last 45 days (Poor Girl!!!). Ofcourse this was inflated data but I can’t say by surety that which data was inflated; head count or day count or both.

Once she gave a hint of post journey friendship, I thought of asking her number or giving her my number but something stopped me for doing either of these. I have no idea what was that. We chatted till 3 AM and then said good night to each other and she went to her berth. Morning when I woke up, we were in Hyderabad and in few minutes we were at our destination (Yes…we get down at same stop). We said good bye with no way to get in touch again. This was a crazy weekend….wait a second….crazy or naughty?

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Sonam Verma
Sonam Verma

It was great meeting you and so much fun. But you have not written the complete experience? Ye batao kee color pata chala ? And haan ….decide hua kee shaadi kaamwaali se karoge ya nahi ?