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How can you justify this?

27 May 2010 9,579 Views No Comment

Here I will start with an unpleasant incident that happened some nine years back. It was a normal day till evening 4 o’clock. As a daily routine, I went to the field in front of my home to play cricket. It was just start of the game when we heard some noise from a house adjacent to the field. We run towards the house. And then what we saw was horrifying. Head of a child was kept on the stairs of that house. Yes it was just a head. Even today I can clearly recall that innocent face. That was not more than 2-3 weeks old kid. Boy or girl I was not able to figure out. I haven’t seen that face with such concentration. Actually I was not able to. I guess I am not strong enough.

I believe it was one among the many cases of Child sacrifice. I don’t find any other possible reason behind such a brutal act. Since last couple of days I am reading about child sacrifice culture in Indian mythology. India is leader in Child Sacrifice cases. Country which is progressing so fast still has the rituals like child sacrifice and human sacrifice. Moreover this is not the single case. Within last few years, we have seen lot of these types of cases from different part of India.

When I searched for a definition, Wikipedia says “Child sacrifice is the ritualistic killing of children in order to please, propitiate or force supernatural beings in order to achieve a desired result”. I am surprised that even in 21st century; some mentally sick people justify this cruel act by making arguments that Durga, the Goddess of power and strength, get pleased by offering blood. It’s so ridiculous. How a God or Goddess can be pleased by killing his/her creation. Even if god can be pleased by this, why don’t you offer your own blood? Why an innocent child who doesn’t even know what is his/her fault?

In most of such cases, the sacrifices were done by females and not by the males. Can’t they think for a second that this child is a son or daughter of a woman? How a woman can do this to the other woman? In one Pune incident, the child was taken to the temple made in the one room of house. Lady there performed the rituals for some time and then cruelly killed the child. The lady has given the reason for doing this is having her own child. Why this kind of degrading has come up in our values? Why we are so selfish? Lady has killed the child of other for getting her own. This is the degradation of our values. We are becoming highly self-centered day-by-day. We are concerned with our self. With the other’s pain we are not concerned. Lady has never thought what will happen to the mother of child. One more interesting thing which is coming out is most of cases; the involved person in sacrifice is known one. Child is chosen with most concern for sacrifice and it is tried that the child for sacrifice should be like the child which is desired. Really how cruel it is, killing someone which you like.

Secondly a major cause behind all this is a belief in we Indians that woman without child is not real women. Women without child are treated with so much of hate. Even whatever reason may be behind this, these women are looked badly. This causes an insecurity complex in these women and provokes them to do anything right or wrong. We are required to change our outlook toward these women if we do not want to repeat these things in near future. Other sacrifices are done by the tantriks (who pray for black magic). They also can go up to any level for getting desired results. Therefore children become the main victim for achieving their goals. In one incident a tantric told a young man that if he hanged and killed a small boy and lit a fire at his feet the smoke from the ritual could be used to lure the pretty village girl he had his eye on. In another incident, a tantrik killed a child and ate it to acquire supernatural powers.

Irrespective of the given reason, child sacrifice is madness. These kinds of rituals must be stopped. No one can justify such a brutal act by any possible reason. Child is called as face of God and Goddess. This is so stupid to believe that any God or Goddess will get pleased by killing their own face. Some hard rules need to be implemented and must be strictly followed. We, the common people can play a vital role in destroying any such ritual. This need to be stopped at any cost

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