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I am ashamed, you should be!

21 May 2014 3,148 Views No Comment

On any random day, turn newspaper and you will see atleast a couple of rape cases across country. People say rape is forced sex with a female by one or more people. If this is the case, then why do we call it a rape where someone has inserted hand and pulled out her intestine or inserted bottles to a 5 year kid? 5 years old kid….are you serious? I know you must be feeling disgusting while reading these two incidents but what about those hundred of ladies who are going through this? We blame her cloths, her openness, and her appearance for our disgraceful act. Someone help me understand here…how a 5 year old kid’s cloth can provoke a pedophile? We the male population are doing this on a daily basis and still we call ourselves the superior class of society.

I believe rape is not just an incident. It might be a moment for we males but definitely not for the ladies. They have to suffer the whole life due to your one moment. Few male do this and rest of us declare the victim as bad character girl and leave them to suffer for rest of their life without even asking her fault. I would also ask our judicial system. 7 years or 10 years or 14 years of prison….is this sufficient for the damage he has done to someone’s life? Our law refers this imprisonment as justice to the victim. Again I disagree here. No imprisonment can help her forget what happened to her and how our superior society treated her post incident. All our judicial system can do is….set an example by announcing a harsh verdict to the culprits. So harsh that it should send shivers to all those who even think of doing something shameful like this.

Like any coin, this has another side too. Few days back I was going through a case where a girl filed a rape case against his boss to defame his image and get his wealth. On top of it, her mother had planned it and inspired her doing this. What kind of society we are living in?

Flip through newspaper or news sites and you will find many such false rape cases to gain money, property or take revenge. Our female population is using law against rape to achieve their personal goals and these cases makes even genuine cases look suspicious. Dear women, do you even realize that your few selfish desires increases trouble of real victims, delay imprisonment of culprits, make already physically and mentally suffering victims look suspicious. Not even this, you are doing all this to your own gender. Atleast being in the same sexual category, you are supposed to understand pain of real victims.

I feel ashamed of sharing sexual category with those, who are doing shameful acts like this and judging their character post incident. You, dear female population, should be ashamed of making false rape allegations and increase troubles to real victims.

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