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I Wrote Something — I Swear

25 January 2009 8,670 Views No Comment

Today is Saturday. No office. Last five days I spent in office with a very high level of frustration with absolutely no work, staring monitor for all day and expecting a mail with some work. Finally weekend is here and now I don’t need to wait for mail. I can enjoy and sleep at home. Today I woke up at 12 PM because last night I went to bed at 4 AM. I made double egg omelette as breakfast cum lunch at around 1 PM. Watched TV for a couple of hours. Checked my mails and orkut scrapbook. Read some articles and interviews regarding Gandhi assassination to get some content for my next blog. Then I tried to experience my most favorite activity, Sleeping. I slept again for a couple of hours. I woke up at 5. Now what???? I asked my roommate “Hey!! Let’s have samosa chat at Bihari dhaba. He agreed. I turned on the TV and saw Taal for some time. It’s one of my favorite movies. I don’t want to leave this movie in between but I was feeling hungry because I didn’t had anything after omelette at 1 PM. My roommate poked me to get ready for going out. I preferred samosa chat over Taal and went to Bihari dhaba. While I was having chat, my roommate came up with an awesome idea “how about having some whiskey in night???” I said “it’s Obvious”. After-all its weekend and it’s our responsibility to drink during these two days. We bought a Signature bottle and headed back to home. After spending the whole day sitting at home my friend suggested having some freak-out to nearby places to watch some hot cheeks. We left Signature and soda at home and went in search of some eye tonic. We mutually decided to take so called maal road; it’s the road where probability of finding a maal girl is very high. We were about to leave maal road and head towards beach then….suddenly we saw an extreme beauty coming towards us. She was simply mind-blowing. Figure you can say roughly 34-27-36. Fair color with a decent height. We were on bike and she was walking on road with a guy. How was the guy??? That I never noticed. I was continuously staring her, the max I was able to. For few moments we both were talking in appreciation of that girl only. Oh God!!! what a great creation she was. Now we were at beach in hope to see few more cute and sexy faces or figure atleast. But sad thing is we had already seen 8/10 so no one was looking attractive. We decided to come back home and start drinking session for being not fortunate enough to be boyfriend of that Masterpiece.

Now I already have three 50ml pegs of signature and feeling little bit high. Now I am again feeling hungry. Our third roommate bought some red chilly and garlic pickle. I am desperate to have aaloo parathas to taste those pickles. Finally we decided to walk to a nearby dhaba to get some parathas.

We got some 20-25 minutes to have a healthy and fruitful discussion while he prepares the parathas. We start discussion on an extremely hot and important topic. How to start and get maximum pleasure while having sex with a girl. And also the various steps that should be taken during this holy process. Don’t get excited I m not going into deep of our discussion and share the actual content with you all. That is purely our copyright and you have to pay as our service charge to get access to those juicy outcomes. Discussion was getting exciting and we were completely involved in it then suddenly we get interrupted by a loud sound from somewhere in background “Hey!! Who has ordered these aaloo parathas????” We realized we were there to get parathasJ. We captured our parathas and headed back home to continue our drinking session with these parathas.

Frankly speaking I am finding these aaloo parathas awesome in taste with those pickles. I expressed my warm welcome to fourth peg and fifth peg thereafter. Now I am done with whiskey. Feeling high and Writing this blog as I always wanted to do this. At this moment I can’t afford sixth peg because I have to rush towards Pondicherry with my roommates and have Jack Daniels in tomorrow’s menu. Usually I avoid bike ride for such a long journey of 150+ KMs due to need of pillow to sit upon after that but this….I am really excited. Reason???? Its matter of Jack Daniels dude…

Now I am feeling sleepy and going to bed in my marinated A/C room. Also I have to execute a text exchange session of some really senti messages with someone very special before falling to dreams. So it’s time to end blogging for today. Will meet you very soon with some new experience or thought. Take care of you and your beloved ones.

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