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Man is a Social Animal??

20 April 2011 6,592 Views No Comment

“Are you in constant touch with your old friends?” “Yes they are all in my facebook friend list… I am a pretty much social person.” Are we? Really??

When I was kid, I read somewhere that Man is a social animal. As life progress, I heard the same line from multiple sources. Earlier I didn’t know the meaning of being a social animal. I belong to a small society of a small town where almost everyone knows each other personally by name and face. Then I saw the village life where people spend most of their time in interacting with other. Observing all this, I was in the process of understanding the concept behind Man being a social animal.

Here animal refers to all the living species on earth. So man is also an animal. And since man live in a society, know their neighbors, interact with them, make friends, and help them when needed; men are called social animals. My concept was all clear. Then I moved to college, interacted with other students and mapped the situation to my society. Here college was like a society and people were interacting with each other and making friends. So “Man is a social animal” thing was totally applicable here.

But after college I moved to metro cities for job and took a nice rented apartment in a big society. Population of this society was more than that of my village. Here also I tried to map the social animal concept to the society people. But I didn’t find any point to start with the mapping process. Here we don’t even know the names of people residing in next apartment; leave alone the other apartments. We say we don’t have time for all this. I believe, being social is one of the basic difference between man and other animals and we don’t have time for even that. What kind of society is this? Is society limited to a 2BHK or a 3BHK apartment?

Now I understood it was intentionally written that Man is a social animal instead of Human is a social animal. This was not a statement or a thought but a reminder. A reminder that you are on earth to spend a social life, not an individual life. And this social life is not limited to your family. As far as man Vs Human is concerned, there is nothing wrong with women being social. They are perfectly doing their job. Men stands nowhere when it comes to being social. Women know exactly who has bought a new TV or who has gifted new jewellery or a new sari to wife. Here I first wrote “his wife” but then I removed “his” word. They always keep news about the whole society with all the details, leave alone their names.

Here the question is, is there any harm in interacting with neighbors? If not then why don’t we do? Why do we refer them with their apartment number? Unfortunately we don’t have any answer to these questions. And we don’t even have time to think about. We find it totally ok of being concerned about Poonam Pandey strip show status and not even thinking about the health status of an old couple residing alone in next apartment. Is this what we call socialism? I don’t think so.

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