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Mangalore incident, Ban on Pubs

30 January 2009 22,874 Views No Comment

1Usually my source of news is limited to NDTV and CNBC only. This is because I find so called news channels like Star News, Aaj Tak, India TV etc more like an entertainment channel. So I watch these channels very rarely, that too to get some masala news only. Last night was not an exception. Suddenly I saw breaking news that Karnataka Govt. is considering to shut down pubs in state. What the hell!!! This decision came out as a justice to the incident happened last Saturday in a pub in Mangalore. About 40 activists of a self-styled pro-Hindu moral brigade called Sri Rama Sena forcibly barged into a pub in the coastal city of Mangalore at around 4pm on 24th December claiming unethical activities were on inside and bashed up a few young girls for “violating traditional Indian norms”. In a TV grab I can see many women falling to the ground, atleast two girls were punched and their hair pulled by the activists at the pub Amnesia – The Lounge in Mangalore, about 350 km from Bangalore. The young men accompanying the girls to the pub on the busy Balmatta Road were also assaulted when they tried to protect their friends. But girls were the major target of attack.

2What the fuck they were upto!!!! Don’t you think it was a very shameless thing for that kinda people when few gunda people beating girls into the pub and harassed them behaving like animals. For a moment even if I agree that western influence is destroying our Indian culture then also….is this was the way to save their moral values? They call themselves Sri Ram Sena, I don’t know when and where Ram told us to pull girls by hair, hit them and call them with names like prostitutes and whores…All this could be the last thing one can do with girls and especially in the name of god.

Attacking women in the name of moral policing is no sign of a civilized society. Going to a pub is no crime and pub-goers don’t violate any law, neither do they disturb others. India’s IT hub Bangalore and the rest of Karnataka are known for its modern and cultured behavior.

Ostensibly carried out to protect the ”morals” of society and the ”honor” of the women involved, the invocation of Hindu religion to justify the mob violence that included beating up the women and sexually molesting them is an act that ironically sullied the ‘very idea’ of India.

3The Sena activists accused the women of “involving themselves in immoral activities, including consuming alcohol, dressing indecently, and mixing with youths of other faith”. Who the hell are these people to decide what is right and wrong??? If girls were involve in any crime, there is laws in India which can take care of their complaints. Why bloody you dragged girls??

Now coming to yesterday’s news….Toeing the right-wing group Sri Ram Sena, Karnataka chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has said that pub culture is wrong and should not be permitted. Yeddyurappa said that this (pub culture) was not a part of our culture and it led to unfortunate incidents like the one in Mangalore. People will be allowed to consume alcohol only at their home. Again a bullshit!!!

It’s you only who issued license to those pubs. That time, what happened to your commitment, responsibility and dedication towards our tradition and culture? It’s simply ridiculous and totally unacceptable. Bangalore is one of India’s most developed cities and called as India’s IT hub. Every year many tourists come to Karnataka. Where will they find a place to drink or you want to say them “Hey!! Welcome to India. Visit the places, eat food, take snaps and go back. We won’t allow you to drink alcohol in our country. And if you still want to do that….you have to buy a home first.” This decision seems to be broadcasting the same as certainly they won’t have any home in India.

4And which culture you are talking about? I never knew that corruption, Scams, Beating girls and abusing them is pride to our culture. Or our culture is limited to cloths and alcohol only? Today young generation is matured enough to differentiate right and wrong. Don’t ever try to test their patience limit. It’s because of their votes only you people are capable enough to execute these activities and take such decisions. If we can choose you king then in very next moment we can surely show you the door.

A person going to pub is an outcome and alcohol is its ultimate source, then why don’t you just destroy the source. Why don’t you just ban alcohol in the whole country? Shut down the liquor manufacturing companies. Stop liquor import to country in any form. Alcohol is the root cause of our culture destruction. Isn’t it???? You won’t do this…. All this is biggest source of your black money Afterall. All you can do is….promote Ram Sena kinda groups to do Mangalore like incidents or Take decisions of shutting down pubs and malls which doesn’t make any bloody sense.

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