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Mihu’s Birth Story

5 November 2015 412 Views No Comment

What happens when a mother puts energy and intention into having the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth? Usually, a safe, healthy, awesome natural birth happens, bringing a beautiful baby earthside 🙂

And so it was, for this sweet, totally focused first time Mamma. today. She gave birth to her much wanted baby girl, 31 hours after her bag of waters released. Calm and confidence borne out of mental preparation provided by Lamaze classes. Physical preparation borne by exercising, and following most all recommendations made by her midwives. Excellent husband support at all times. All of this would be called into action during her labor.

The first part of her labor goes very much textbook like. Bag of waters breaks, contractions start within the first hour. She manages them at home (calling for our support over the phone when she needs) easily for the better part of the day. She comes in for a quick baby check in the evening, and then goes back home to await stronger labor patterns. Almost 20 hours into it, she is now having strong, frequent contractions, and so she comes back to the Birth Center. She wants to be checked to see where she is at in her labor, and we find her baby super-low in her pelvis, and she is finished dilating halfway. All of us are happy, and we think – well, we think this baby will be born soon!

But, labor and birth often take surprise turns.. and over next 6 hours, she will slowly open up half a centimeter. She is now asking, “please do something”.. Yes, Mom – but, you are the one with the strength and power to birth your baby today. We help her with different positions, she does it for a bit and tires – and rests. Our arsenal of homeopathics, positions, and myofascial releases come in handy, as she manages the hard work of labor. And, finally, 4 hours later, as she stands up to go to the restroom, she says “I cannot go anywhere else any more” and drops down on her knees.. and of course, the baby is right there! Mom is happy to push, now with renewed vigor.

And, just 20 minutes after she started to push, she has her baby girl – all pink, cuddly, squishy and beautiful, on her belly. She touches and calms her baby down. Sighs with the tiredness of a mom who has done just tremendous work. Lets the feeling soak in. There is no hurry to talk, move, smile yet. Just closed eyes and contact with her baby.

Cord pulses on, giving baby all the blood that belongs to her. The cord is much shorter than average, so we don’t move baby much and just wait. Then some minutes later, out comes the placenta.

Mom’s body is so very smart. Even though her baby was super low in her pelvis, the whole process of opening up, and moving her baby down was done S-L-O-W-L-Y, so that when the time was right, she would push out her baby quick enough so that there would not be too much traction on the short cord. Nature is just Wow!

Well done, Mom – You were just so patient and strong! Well done, Dad – your support rocked! Welcome, sweet baby girl 🙂

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