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Mohalla Mohabbat Waala

28 May 2010 43,648 Views One Comment

Her name was Vidya, Vidya Agarwal (name changed). I first met her in my chemistry tuition. It was not like I was seeing her for the first time in my life. Her house was very close to mine. So I saw her many times in our neighborhood. Ohh I forgot to give you a background. Ok so here I start building the base for this story.

Till 10th I used to spend all of my time at home itself. I guess I was known by no one in my society. Then eventually I started spending some time with other guys of society. I started playing cricket in ground of Govt. Girls high school which was right in-front of my house. I can totally understand that sarcastic smile on your face after reading the last line. Don’t worry it’s very obvious. I hope all of you know what a high school means. 6th to 10th class, in case you don’t know. School time was 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM and as a proof of normal guy, I used to keep all my studies aside at sharp 3:20 to give next 20 to 30 minutes to appreciate God’s best creation. All these girls have nothing to do with my love story. It was just to make you feel jealous. My love was growing at her own pace in Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal family, Whose house was at the entry gate of school. There were total 6 members in that family. Mr. Agarwal (famous as Chattan Singh), Mrs. Agarwal and their four calendars (3 daughters and a son). I will just skip any information about the son who was youngest among them. Come to the three daughters. Those three girls are perfect example of continuous degradation of quality. Let me start with the eldest one. Riya… that’s her name. She was the most famous personality in our society. Here I have a little doubt as Chattan singh was giving her a tough fight as far as popularity is concerned. I will tell you an incident for better understanding of Riya’s popularity and reach. There was a guy in our society who used to flirt with second daughter of Chattan singh. One day that guy went to their house with one of his friend to propose the second daughter, which she immediately refused once again. After that they had a long argument cum oral fight. How do I know all this? I was watching all that live, standing on the roof of a scrap cum bus standing on the girls school ground. Why roof of the bus? To get inline of balcony height to achieve best visibility of all this drama. And I was not alone. There were nearly 15 guys standing on those two buses and enjoying a live action cum romantic movie. I guess this is called a true 3D Hi-Definition movie. Ok coming to the action. Those two guys made some high pitched arguments and then moved back to their own house which was close to Chattan singh residence. Within 15 minutes to all this drama some 20-25 guys came on motorbikes and screwed that guy. This was just a small example of Riya’s popularity and reach. But Chattan singh is not less. He is popular in his own way. Being father of such a fighter plus extremely beautiful girl itself is a recognizable popularity.

Coming to the second daughter of Chattan singh. She was a very shy and conserved kind of simple girl. Exactly opposite to Riya. Height 5’6″, extreme fair color, spotless skin, build somewhat on heavier side but not fat. That was Vidya, Vidya Agarwal.

“Excuse me sir. I want to take admission in your tuition classes”…. A sweet voice dropped in our ears like honey and our eyes including our head turned towards the voice. Vidya was standing on the gate of chemistry coaching center. My heartbeat skipped for a second. I noticed everyone was appreciating that beauty, obviously by their eyes. “Please come in. Just wait for some time inside the adjacent room. We will talk after this session.”….Munishwar sir replied. She went inside and sir continued the teaching session but by that time my mind and body were at two different places. That one glance had done its job. After some time session ended and we headed towards our homes. While everyone was praising Vidya, I was makings plans to “PATAO” that girl.

She got admission to 5:30-6:30 AM batch and my batch was 6:30-7:30 AM. Just missed na? Practically speaking you can’t try on a girl who is centre of attraction for boys of two batches. So I decided to start my PATAO plan from my society only. As you can see from the picture, her balcony was adjacent to the playground where we used to play cricket. So that became my starting point. But it was not that easy. I had to execute my plan successfully without being noticed by other guys of society. I knew my society is full of NARADMUNIs. Even if one person had got a small clue of my intentions, my love story would have become popular much before its beginning and that too with so many witnesses of imaginary incidents. I had to make all my moves very carefully and wisely. Finally I got noticed by the girl. First milestone was achieved successfully. Then love story continued with exchange of smiles here and there. I noticed that she used to stare me very secretly from here balcony. My plan was working. I started going to the ground daily without a single miss; Sometimes twice or even thrice a day on Sundays. Eventually duration of our staring each other session extended. I used to reach on job at sharp 4:00 PM and she used to come at her balcony or at rooftop and we used to stare each other without exchanging a word for hours till the natural light dims. Two young people can’t continue their I-stare-you-stare session for so long without getting noticed by others. So eventually we got noticed by other cricket team members and within few hours, all of the society was aware of our growing love story. The details and depth of love story with other people were far beyond the details even I had. Now this love story was all open. But till then I had successfully crossed the second milestone. Now we used to stare each other fearless. Ohh I forgot to tell you that Riya was married till then. So that obstacle was also out of scope but Mr. and Mrs. Chattan singh used to give me “stay-away-from-my-daughter” look and in reply I gave them “your-daughter-is-awesome” look. I kept both of them in totally ignorance list. My worries were not over. With society awareness program my elder brother also came to know that his brother has grown up. But good news was, he just gave a casual smile on this news.

Then Mr. Sanjeev Kumar made his entry in my love story. He was ‘I-play-rarely’ team member of my cricket team. One day when I was coming to the playground, he met me on the way and joined me to the ground. None of the other team member was there and I was sitting on the concrete bench placed on the ground (the place where I used to sit daily for staring session). So he came to the bench and sit beside me. After some time she came to her balcony and started staring me. Sanjeev was not aware of my love story and he thought she was staring him. “Hey Rajeev, see….she is staring me”- he whispered. “Obviously dude, you are looking so smart today” – I replied with a smile. Next day he came with one of his friend (probably he wanted to show him his Casanova avatar). Next day one more guy, and eventually I had to stare Vidya with me surrounded by 10 more guys. This was not working, I had to do something extra. I moved one step further and started calling her. It always took 8-10 blank calls to get connected with Vidya. Blank calls were so normal to her family, courtesy Riya. So it was not an issue for me. On the other side, Sanjeev started believing that she seriously likes him. One day I told Sanjeev that I had a conversation with Vidya at coaching and she said that she likes Sanjeev but she hates his moustache. Sanjeev will look smarter with clean shaved. On that day itself I found Sanjeev standing at barber shop and looking at mirror with one finger on his moustache. That was the time when one last hit was required. I told him that he seriously looks better clean shaved and my statement was supported by our four other friends. As expected we witnessed a moustache-less Sanjeev that evening. Honestly speaking he was looking funny but we had to act like now he is the hottest guy in city. All I was waiting for was next morning. I was standing with Sanjeev in front of his house and waiting for Vidya to come out. At 5:00 AM Vidya came out for tuitions on her bicycle. She gave a serious glance at both out us, laughed aloud and moved ahead.

“Have you seen it? She was smiling after watching you clean shaved. Now she is all yours man” – I said. That time I tell you his chest became broader and he blushed.

“Now as we know she totally likes you, it’s time for you to move one step further and let her know your feelings for her” – I said.

“I know yaar but how? It’s not my cup of tea. I feel shy and nervous in all these things” – He replied.

“Why don’t you just write all your feelings on a letter and give it to her. You don’t even need to go to give that letter to her. I will talk to Jhunna (another guy in our society) and I am sure he will deliver your letter to Vidya” – I convinced him.

“That’s a great idea. I will write a letter today itself and it’s your responsibility to get it delivered in her hands” – Sanjeev said.

“Sure man, anything for you. Don’t worry. Write a letter in such a way that she get totally impressed” – I said.

Next day Jhunna came to my house with sanjeev’s letter for Vidya. That was funniest letter I have ever seen. It’s a ten years old story so I can’t recall all content of that letter but I still remember the beginning and end. That was written with help of his pundit roommate and was written in purest form of Hindi. Have a look at the beginning and end of that historical love letter:

प्रिये प्राणेश्वरी,

माँ शेरावाली की असीम अनुकंपा से हम दोनो का प्रेम संबंध सार्थक हुआ है.  मैं तुम्हारे प्रेम रूपी सागर मे गोते लगाये जा रहा हूँ फिर भी अधर मे ही अटका हूँ. तल का पता नहीं चल रहा. मैं तुम्हारे हृदये की बगिया मे अपने प्यार के फूल उगाना चाहता हूँ जिस से हम दोनो का जीवन गुलशन गुलफाम हो जाएगा.

Something something…


तुम्हारे प्रेम का पुजारी

संजीव कुमार

I was laughing to death after reading that letter. I asked Jhunna to preserve that letter as delivering that letter was never in the plan. I was not expecting such an awesome letter from Sanjeev.

After few months my tuitions came to its end. Course was over. Now what? What to do? My mind was running fast. Here I took help of Rajiv Kumar Niraj, my friend and tuition mate. We both were most favorite students of Munishwar Sir and he sees a potential IIT-JEE qualifier in me. It was time to take advantage of this favoritism. First I find out what is currently going on in Vidya’s batch. Organic chemistry nomenclature was about to start. I went to the teacher along with Rajiv K Niraj and expressed my concern over lack of preparation in organic nomenclature. He immediately asked me to join a batch to revise that topic.

“You should join a session to revise this topic. Why don’t you join 12:00 Noon batch. There we are about to start this topic”- He said.

“12:00 Noon! It won’t be possible sir. That is time for self studies. I don’t want to disturb my rhythm. Any morning batch sir? Ok leave it…  I will prepare this for myself and will ask you in case of any doubt” – I said in most polite form.

“No no… self study will take some unnecessary time. Yes, there is one more batch where this topic is about to start. But that is too early 5:30 AM” – He suggested.

“No problem sir… Morning studies are best. I will join from tomorrow” – I said with relief.

Next morning I was there in her batch. At 5:25 she came and looked totally puzzled by finding me there. Now my love story was running with pace. Daily morning at 4:30 AM, I used to call her to ensure she is not sleeping. Then I used to wait on road by doing some false adjustments or unnecessary cleaning of my bicycle to kill time till her arrival. Then we go and return together on our individual bicycles to Chemistry coaching with so many talks on the way. I was loving my first love or crush whatever it was. Believe me, acting like you are trying to understand the concepts of a topic of your expertise is very difficult and I was doing that with so much of perfection. After a few months, course of that batch also got over. Now we were left with no choice. Now regular meetings would be impossible. Only telephone calls and evening staring sessions will be available. We continued our love story with these two sources and appeared for 12th exam. I got first division and she got Gandhi division. Gandhi division is 3rd division, FYI for those who don’t know what Gandhi division is.

Then I moved to Patna for a year for IIT-JEE preparation. When I returned back after IIT-JEE exams, I got the news that she got engaged and wedding is scheduled in few months. I called her and found that she was happy. She was telling me about the guy she is getting married. I was listening to her with a smile on my face. That was a genuine smile as I was also in a serious relationship with my girlfriend by then. It was time  for both of us to move on. Finally the day arrived when I got my IIT-JEE result. I had cracked it with AIR 3212 and she got married exactly 2 days after the result day. We both were happy with respective results in our own way. I do missed her a lot whenever I went to the playground after her wedding.

I met her couple of times after her wedding with exchange of smiles. At our last meet she was with her two little kids and gave me you-too-should-get-married-now look. It was a love story where nothing went wrong. It was a love story or not, I have a doubt in that. It was a great feeling and we both enjoyed it. We did nothing wrong, we never ever touched each other but still kept a special relationship. God bless her.

With lots of love


Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this story are real. Any resemblance to any other person, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Note: you must be interested to know about youngest daughter of Chattan Singh. You better ignore her. Her nick name is Phulan. I still don’t know her real name. When she come to balcony, batsman gets out on very next ball and bowlers get punished by 30 runs an over. Do you still want me write about her? Even if you say yes I won’t. Otherwise my blog will start throwing 404 – Page not found error or your browser will start crashing with unknown error found message.

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