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Pain in the Dark

14 October 2012 6,479 Views One Comment

Recently I have been to restaurant called “Dialogue in the Dark”. This is in Inorbit mall, Hyderabad. At an entry fee of somewhere around thousand rupees per person; I first thought it is an expensive affair. But after spending a few hours there, every single penny was worth spending. Explaining the concept I would take exact words from the website: – The concept of Dialogue in the Dark is simple: visitors are lead by blind guides in small groups through specially constructed dark rooms in which scent, sound, wind, temperature and texture convey the characteristics of daily environments – for example a park, a city, a boat cruise, a blind cricket match or a bar. The daily routines become a new experience. A reversal of roles is created: people who can see are taken out of their familiar environment. Blind people provide them with security and a sense of orientation by transmitting to them a world without pictures. The tour itself lasts for about one hour but the effects can last a lifetime.

I am not promoting Dialogue in the dark here. I just want to explain here my experience in those few hours. First few minutes were totally confusing for me. We entered to have some fun and spend some time with colleagues in a different environment. But later it was not funny at all. I was feeling that my senses were working better than usual. We have been taken through some different daily environments, then we played blind cricket. I was able to hear every sound near me and I was feeling every single object. This was followed by our dinner in complete darkness. Honestly speaking first 20-30 minutes was awesome but then I started getting frustrated by the darkness and I was dying to see the light, the colors of world. Thankfully it all ended in few hours and I felt relaxed. For me, it was a timepass for couple of hours and we thought of experiencing a blind person life. We paid thousand rupees and lived their life for couple of hours and came back to our colorful life. Even in that little time, I got frustrated by the darkness. But what about those millions of people who are forced to live that life forever? They don’t have any such place to live our life even for a second at any entry free.

As per WHO records, there are 39 million blind people in this world. They don’t know there is something called color exists. When a little time in darkness was frustrating, I can’t imagine how they must be feeling who have no choice other than be in that darkness forever. But here we need to think for a while. Do they really don’t have any other option? I think they do have. Other stats also suggest that on an average 56 to 57 million people die every year in this world. All our blind friends need is a waste thing from these dead people. Their eye…that I believe is of no use for a person who is dead. All you have to do is to donate your eyes and someone somewhere would be able to see all colors of life with your one waste thing.

Here just ask a simple question to yourself, are we humans are so selfish that we can’t even give a thing that is of no use to person who need it more than anything else in this world? Atleast i am not….

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What and how much did you had before writing this essay. I am seeing a different angle in you….:-)