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Parties, Games, Girls and …. Me

16 May 2010 3,664 Views No Comment

Yesterday i was in a party organized by Satyam. It was only for healthcare and life sciences people. So it was not a very chaotic and fish market kind of party. People were invited with their family. But since i am still single, i went with my other single colleagues Prashant and Santosh. Just to let you know i am not a party person. I rarely attend parties and try to avoid them most of the time. This is because i just hate being in a crowd and feel really bored in such formal parties. And this party was not an exception.

HR girls had organized some games there. I believe those games were for kids only and i was not interested even in watching them, leave alone playing. For me there was only one motivation to attend that party….venue was very near to my house. Like 5 minutes walking. Plus few friends were coming so i decided to give it a try. Frankly speaking i was there just for a couple of whiskey pegs with my friends and have some good time on a saturday evening. For my surprise plently of young guys and even mid aged guys were activly participating in those games. And guess what…they were really enjoying it. They were playing so seriously that i felt like they are participating in olympics or something and very soon going to win some gold medals for India. Even prashant and santosh played a couple of games. Its not that i didn’t tried. I did watched them playing. But not for a long duration. Very soon i felt all this bullshit and preferred to be alone instead of playing games or watching others play. Then there was some magic show. Yet another piece of crap. Might be because i have seen those magic like thousand times. I have seen people selling those magic tricks in trains and buses. Not interested…next please.

Then they started a biggest bullshit. Who is wearing most no of brands? Who is wearing cloths with maximum number of colours? Etc etc…. Cut the crap. What you think, who we are? Some 6 year old kid? And see these girls (this includes some guys as well). They were excited like they are in the best party ever. I wonder these girls always like to be 6 years old. Every time i see a girl doing such thing, i think this is the most pathetic thing they are doing. But on very next occassion they come up with an idea that exceeds all my expectations and set a new benchmark of stupid act.

Screw your events and start alcohol session, i thought. When things went unbearable i preffered to go out for smoke. When i returned back, thank god alcohol session was started. Oh shit..what is this? This is cheating…you can’t do this to me. During those silly games and that historical magic show you have displayed 100 Pipers and Bacardi Reserva in showcase. And now when the actual time came you have only Blenders Pride and some cheap vodka. I hate this kind of cheapness. Now quickly give my two pegs of Blenders Pride and let me go home to continue actual drinking session. Ohh i just forgot to tell you that we have been given two drink coupans while entering the party. Too cheap na? I felt the same. Thanks to the Indian jugaad system i managed to get 6 pegs. Now this is someting i love. After 5 pegs my dancing talent came out and i hit the dance floor. Danced for some time, finished the 6th peg and headed towards home. Party is over.

It was a mixed kind of evening. I realized my level of interest toward parties yet again. Being on my bed, that night i was comparing myself to other guys in party. How come they were enjoying those games and magic show and i wasn’t? Am i normal? Or they were abnormal? It’s not like party means only alcohol to me. I do enjoy other things as well but certainly not those idiotic games. But there is definitly something wrong with me or them. I am yet to discover who is abnormal and who is normal. Till then you girlish game players, i believe you are idiots. Show some kind of maturity and be awesome like me.

Its time to log off for now.

With lots of love.

– Rajeev

Note-1: If you are one among those game players or any of above word hurt you in any form, my sincere apology to you. I never intended to hurt you. I just expressed my view. I might be Abnormal. But as of now i believe myself very much normal.

Note-2: Dear girls, please don’t ever make a statement like this is the craziest thing you have done. You better say…this is the craziest thing you have done till now. I am sure you have stored plenty of surprises for us.

Note-3: No matter how crazy and Stupid you Girls are…i still love u ;)

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