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Pondicherry is ON -:)

31 March 2009 7,848 Views No Comment

For the 28-29th March weekend, I suggested my roommates to have a ride all the way to Pondicherry and take a sip of Jack Denials. My proposal went accepted with no dispute. I along with Harsh, Uttkarsh and Kedar left our home at sharp 9 o’clock in the morning and headed towards Pondicherry for the best holy drink. I guess weather was also as much excited as we. It was not a trademark Chennai weather, burning like an oven. We were riding on East Coast Road (ECR), an express highway built along the coast of the Bay of Bengal. A trip along the East Coast Road always gives rise to a spectacular scenic beauty with beaches and fishermen hamlets. Riding at a speed very close to 80-90 kmph with blue water of Bay of Bengal at your left throughout the journey, it feels awesome.

After four and a half hour of ride with four stops in between, we reached Pondicherry at around 1:30. These four stops were taken to avoid the necessity of pillow and protecting our ass to become flat like a plasma TV. Also, there was a mandatory requirement to nourish our body with holy smoke at regular interval. Pondicherry was hot like hell. I was feeling like I am in a tandoor or something. Very soon we reached our hotel and made our body cherish with AC at lowest temperature. But this AC was never enough for our body, it was asking for something more. Might a couple of Budweiser will do….I thought. Hotel boys were quick. Four chilled Budweiser was right infront of us. We consumed it in no time. Even before our body realize that it got something. So very obviously it was asking for more. “Ok, let it come”…we said. It was a kind of practice match for the final at night. We all took a couple hour of sleep to let our body digest better.

“Hey!! Wake up everyone…its 6:30 now… Let’s go out and bring the bride to our room”….I said. We walked along the beach for some time and took some eye candies. At around 9, we returned back and stopped at a decently big liquor shop. “One Jack Denials” – Harsh asked the shopkeeper with full confidence. “Sorry, we don’t have Jack Denials” – shopkeeper replied with even better confidence. “You won’t find Jack Denials or Black Label in Pondicherry. Even if you get one…..it would be 100% duplicate” – He explained further. “Go for Teachers or 100 Pipers” – He threw his suggestions in open interest.

“No!! We will surely get an Original JD here in Pondicherry. I know one place near Bus Stop. Let’s try there and few more places” – I dropped my view with completely ruling out the suggested alternatives. Very soon, just after a few blocks away, we saw our bride laying with pride on the top shelf and looking desperately to us. Two thousand one hundred and fifty…. that all what we paid to grab our beauty. “Let me take a shower first before start drinking…meanwhile you can order for accessories” – I said. When I returned I saw medium size pegs were ready for us with four ice cubes. “It smells awesome yaar” – Kedar jumped with joy. “Cheers” and glasses touched each other very sophistically. “Finished everybody?? Hey! Uttkarsh your glass is still full….what’s wrong with you? Don’t you like it? Finish it so that we can start second round” – Harsh said while looking very surprisingly at Uttkarsh’s glass. “Yaar, I am not liking it on-the-rocks. I think I should try with Pepsi or coke. Also, I am feeling like my stomach is full. I guess Beer is not digested completely. You guys carry on with your second peg. I will complete this slowly” – Uttkarsh responded with full of innocence on his face. Poor Uttkarsh!!!…

We flamed many Rothmans while drinking. Party was full on. And Uttkarsh was still struggling with his second or third peg, Ofcourse now with coke. There was definitely something wrong with his digestive system because generally he is a bid tanker in our group. Generally he starts feeling that he is drinking something other than normal water and it contains some 40+ percent of Alcohol after 5th peg or so. But today was definitely not his honeymoon. We took our fifth peg to our bed and started playing cards. Ofcourse with holy smoke in between. At around 2:30 we all were feeling sleepy. “We should go to beach early morning to see Sunrise and take some snaps of it. I will definitely go. That’s a promise” – I conveyed to everyone. I guess you can always make such imaginary promises while drunk with five decent volume pegs of JD. But can’t execute it, that’s a bet.

10:30 am….I opened my eyes. “I and Kedar are going out to get some pizza for you. Meanwhile you order some Budweiser.” – Harsh said to me at 11. “I wake up just now. I won’t drink Beer. I will continue with Jack Denials.” – I replied and headed towards phone to order beers for Harsh and Uttkarsh as Kedar denied having anything this morning. Harsh and Kedar left to get pizza and I dropped few ice cubes and made a drink for myself. After two pegs, harsh and Uttkarsh joined me with beer. Had some four pegs and I was feeling awesome. Took an hour of sleep and headed back towards Chennai. What a perfect weekend it was. Full of fun and life. We will do this again very soon, that’s for sure. Probably in April itself. What say guys?

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