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Race to Infinity

13 August 2010 4,390 Views No Comment

Learn to speak quicker than other known kids of same age group. This followed by ability to recognize letters and numbers. Admission to best school in city. Race to be in top 3 in class ranking. Good academic score with some great achievements in sports and other extracurricular activities. More than 90 percentile in board exams. National level competitive exams. Again a great academic score for a nice job. Appraisals, promotions, salary hike, company switch and many more. Much before you could even pronounce RACE….u become a part of it. People call it journey of life but I call it Race to infinity.

This race is directly connected to human desires and its nature to compare self with others. All of these things have no end. I believe, the biggest illusion in human life is the “enough” word. Enough money, enough comfort, enough saving, enough monthly income, enough property…extra extra. There is nothing called enough in life. At every point of time we think that ok….this much is enough to spend a good life and we start running towards it. After a certain period of time we do achieve that “enough target” but then we find ourself in yet another race. Comparing ourself with others and running.

At some stage of life we do understand that this race is an illusion but by that time we realize that we forgot to live. We waste all of our time in collecting comfort for life and the time we think we have enough for a great future, we realize that actually we have wasted all of our life. Do you remember when was the last time you spoke to yourself? The last time you tried to understand your life. The last time you spent time with yourself. I do this on a regular basis. I try to understand where my life is heading to. I don’t believe in rebirth kind of stuff. I have only a finite number of moments in my life so I guess I have rights to spend a part of my life for myself. I have rights to live for myself. I have rights to do things that make me happy from inside.

I totally admire girls as far as living life is concerned. They know exactly why god has given life to her. We all should learn how to live from them. They spend one-third of their life in collecting cloths of all possible weird colors and rest two-third in searching matching accessories for those cloths. Sometime I wonder even God is little biased towards these girls. They gave them some kind of back-end communication system to let them understand what their life is meant for. Through what else medium, a girl would get an idea of spending ten days in decorating the whole office on multiple themes. That too just for a five minutes display at a completion with no prizes. I can’t think of any other possible medium of such an awesome idea. If you can think of any…please let me know.

Ok that was a joke (of course made by God).  But seriously…. We are so much involved in this non ending race of making life better that we forgot to live. Someone has very well said that “time keep on decreasing with time”. So Live before you lose time for it. Being ambitious is good but running towards it like a mad is bad. We all should work hard for a better and secured tomorrow but at the same time we should spend some time for a satisfactory today as well. What is the use of a better tomorrow if we have wasted today in some unnecessary competition? It is important to note that today is time when we can live our life to the fullest, not when we will be surrounded by knee and back problems.

So from the next time, before comparing yourself with others and start running, do think twice that do you really need to be a part of this race and where your life is heading to. You got this life only once and life doesn’t mean only tomorrow….today is also a part of it.

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