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Riding on Satyam Track

7 April 2009 10,373 Views No Comment

Monday, April 13th, 2009 is the date declared to announce the winner of Satyam bidding process. 6 more days and Satyam will get its new owner. Nobody knows Satyam will remain Satyam or this name will get lost somewhere in case studies as biggest corporate scam of India. Satyam is undoubtedly a big name in Indian IT market. A name, that stands as a potential competitor against any giant in IT sector. A name, which is doing great in this market since 1987. A Brand, that has proved itself way ahead to any big name, a number of times. But it’s truly said that it take years to establish a brand and a second to vanish it. It happened exactly with Satyam on Jan 7, 2009 when Mr. Ramalinga Raju disclosed a 7000 cr. Scam by cooking books for years.

No one else can understand the exact feeling of a Satyam employee at this point of time. Especially the feeling of an employee, who has started his/her career just one year back or so with Satyam as first company. What’s going next to Satyam? Will there be any layoffs after acquisition? Will i survive? What if i will lose my job? Where is my fault if Company’s CEO has done any scam? Many such questions must be going through his/her mind all the time. Whom to believe? Satyam or Media? Both are giving two contradictory statements. I have many such examples. News such as “Satyam is going to layoff 13000 employees”, “Satyam don’t have enough cash to pay salaries”, “Satyam shares will go down to zero”, “Satyam headcount is just 45000 and Ramalinga Raju have made a huge sum of money every month as a salary payout for 13000 fake employees” and many such news which eventually turned wrong by evidences from third parties. This media sucks big time.

As far as me is concerned, I am not very much worried about what’s going next with Satyam. Someone is going to buy it. Then I will be called as that particular Company’s employee. Only the top management will change, which I have nothing to do with. What I am concerned about is my salary and my work, which will remain same I hope. But yes, I am looking for another job. I have sent my resume to many places. And this is very much justified I guess. After all I am a normal human being and I feel like the same. I have to make my career secure. But at the same time I am not feeling myself very much unsecured at Satyam. We have projects, we have clients, we have a well established business and who so ever will takeover Satyam will require man power for sure. But one good thing going to happen for sure is, I will get rid of people staring at me with such a weird expressions and throwing questions like “how is Satyam doing?” “Is there any work?” “Are you getting your salaries?” “Who is going to takeover Satyam?” while I travel wearing Satyam tees or holding Satyam ID card. Ohh common you idiots…. How come an employee can know who is going to takeover Satyam? This is surely one of the most idiotic questions I have ever heard. And about that weird expression, one thing I would like to say is….All Satyam employees are not Ramalinga Raju. Why can’t you treat us like many other IT professionals?

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