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Those awesome days passed away

13 November 2008 2,370 Views No Comment

Finally i got a new way to kill my time and you got an opportunity to hear something hilarious but senti one-:).

July 2002, the day i entered the gate (or better call it something separating the road from institute campus) of IIITM, Gwalior to experience a new taste of life….called hostel life. ohh…previous night incident was so funny. At Gwalior railway station i asked an auto, “Hey! take me to IIITM”…..he replied, “which college? ITM? IITM? IITTM?”…he asked for every combination of I, T and M but no IIITM-:D. Anyhow i managed to find the treasure. It was a small building inside MITS campus. An apex institute of IT and management-;). Flashback is enough i guess…move on to present day…..Yeah! the IIITM Campus. It was in-total 3 buildings standing on a dry and rocky land. Boy’s Hostel, girl’s hostel (WOW-;)) and Academic Building. As soon i entered campus the first word came from my mouth was……O FUCK!!!.

But hostel was awesome. Then one by one i got the best assets of my life…starting with Rajiv. then sid, sumit, pawan, tanay, abhinit, amit, rahul, sabarish, aman, vinti and many more. Since the very 1st day till now….i found tanay very impressive. I got so many memories. i will mention one by one……

1) Ragging experience….oh god! i used to behave so boring-:D. I used to show like i don’t know anything or i might be an alien. No abusive words, no porn nothing.

2) NGO experience….. with rajiv and puruda. A 3 month holiday. Frankly speaking we did nothing but did everything. We used to make food, listen songs on puruda’s radio, kill days, little bit romance with someone as well-;).

3) BTP…… Best B.Tech project one can ever do. Quake 3 excellence, Midtown madness assignments, NFS certification and above all full time A/C bedroom cum dining room cum hall (professors used to call it computer Lab). I would rate it best of those awesome days. NINE…plz second me.

4) Historical Vaishnodevi tour (with some spices of piles-:D)….. with tanay, abhinit, gulli and obviously mota-:D. Best tour one can ever have, excluding someone-;). I have no words to explain the fun of this tour. All credits goes to our very talented tour organizer Tanay and ofcourse mota. Mote……u made this tough tour so easy. NINE…..again second me.

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