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We…The Bloody Indians!

7 June 2010 5,507 Views No Comment

Yesterday was Sunday and we get this day after such an exhausting and stressful week. So, I decided to complete all my personal work on this day itself because we remain busy on all other days doing so much of hard work with great efficiency, commitment and honesty. Yes I do get a free Saturday also but I spent that day in sleeping, and I guess I deserve this much of rest after such a difficult week.

Sunday started at 9:00 AM. I turned on the motor to fill the water tank and started doing all necessary activities. Then I left home to buy home stuffs for coming week. On the way I saw some readymade eatable item and I thought of finishing my breakfast then and there. After some one and a half hours I returned back. Then I saw water has exceeded the water tank capacity and my lane was looking like a flood suffering area. “Nice! Water tank is full. Now I have enough water to wash my cloths and finish other activities.” – I thought. “What is this? Government call it a City and they can’t even provide a good drainage system” – I blamed Government for water on my lane.

Hyderabad gets too hot in summer and temperature rises to 44 and 45 degree centigrade. Thank God I left all fans running while leaving home, inside temperature is not much. Then I moved to washing area, turned on the water flow, put all my cloths in washing machine and set the wash time to 80 minutes. In 80 minutes, one round of detergent wash and 4-5 rounds of water wash will over and my cloths will be completely clean. Now it was time to shave. Since I am used to wash my razor again and again, I left the tap open to save my effort in turning tap each time. Then I took shower for an hour and put washed cloths to get dry. After that I left home on my car to watch a movie. I was running late for the movie and traffic was pathetic. I was driving fast by changing road lanes very smartly. Screw glowing side indicators while changing lanes. Who the bloody hell cares. My theory is…keep on blowing horn while in traffic. People will automatically give you the way. Trust me…It always work in India. Then I tried to overtake a three-wheeler and that hit the side of my car. “Stop you bastard” – I shouted. I screwed him then and there. I tell you, these three-wheeler drivers don’t have any driving sense. Oh no! Not again…I got stuck at a traffic signal. I saw the traffic light was red and was showing some 60 seconds. I pressed the accelerator when there was some 5 seconds left in traffic light turning green. Thanks to my idea of blowing horn continuously for those 60 seconds, I was able to move so quickly. On next signal a traffic policeman stopped me for fast driving. I immediately gave him a hundred rupees note and moved ahead. India is great.

Kudos to all my smart moves, I reached theater on time. There was a long queue at ticket counter. Screw these bloody Indians. I moved straight to front of the queue. Few people opposed but till then I got the tickets. I took a ‘paan’ and entered into the auditorium. Movie was going nice and I didn’t want to go outside, so I spit the ‘paan’ below my seat. While going out, I spit rest of the ‘paan’ at the wall corner. Now I was not in mood of going back to home, so I headed towards an ancient place nearby. Believe me…real beauty is in natural places only and you can see true art in these ancient places. Then I took a stone and draw a beautiful arrow passing through a perfectly shaped heart and wrote my name above that arrow and my girlfriend’s name below the arrow to mark my visit to that monument. This will remain as a testimonial of my visit. I believe all of us should do this. This will show the number of places you have visited.

At 11 PM I returned back to my home. Thank god…. I left the lights on. It was not dark inside. I walked to bathroom to wash my face then I realized there was no water. What is this? What’s the use of this government if they can’t even fulfill basic requirements of common people? They are all corrupt and busy in making money by any medium.

You must be wondering who the hell is this irresponsible, irritating, immature, impolite and careless person. I am you. I am pretty sure you must have done and continuously doing, if not all then some of these things in your day to day life. And at the same time we feel offensive if someone call us bloody Indians. It is always easy to blame government for everything. We blame government for not providing us even basic facilities and doing nothing to make a better India. Here we need to realize that Idea of a better India starts from your house, your society and your behavior. No one except you can turn the dream of developed India in to reality. If you can’t build a developed India, make a developed Society at least.

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