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Yet Another Journey

13 December 2010 8,509 Views No Comment

Last night I was travelling by train from my home town to Hyderabad. I had my reservation in 2nd AC. Since my cell phone was completely discharged, I took out my charger to charge my mobile. That time I noticed my charger is 3 pin and it was 2 pin sockets there. TT told me that I will get those 3 pin sockets in 3rd AC. I wondered if 1st AC compartment was equipped with 1 pin socket. I headed to 3rd AC and put my cell phone on charge. There were some other guys from non AC compartments charging their mobiles. On this the AC passengers were showing high disagreement. I thought of telling them that they don’t have to pay the electricity bill afterwards. But I let it go and continue to charge my cell phone. Probably I was welcome because I came there from 2nd AC. whatever might be the reason but I had to charge it so that I can exchange text with my girlfriend for the whole night. Trust me this is the best way to spend time while boring train journey (especially when you are travelling in AC coaches where every person think himself as president of India).

My train was scheduled to reach Warangal at morning 9 and it was running 1 hour late already. I made some calculations that even I sleep at 4, I will get 6 hours of sleep before getting down and continued the text exchange till 4. But as per AC boy, train did some kind of makeup in night while I was sleeping and reached Warangal at 8:45. Good thing was, I got a connecting train for Hyderabad at 9. Compartments were looking like certificate of India’s 2nd position in population and that was the last train running in Indian history. Somehow I found a less crowded compartment and adjusted my luggage and myself in a theoretically comfortable position. I noticed something like a girl sitting in front of me. She resembled main villain of some cheap south Indian horror movie in many ways. And then she smiled. I am telling you, that smile can make anyone lose faith in God. I immediately left that place and came to the door. It was a totally different story at the door. 3 people were fighting over sitting at door. I wondered if government should start reservation for those door seats. Some train vendors were selling many things, mostly dark in color. I recognized only idli and vada. Even after spending 4 years in south (that includes 2 and a half years in trademark south), I found rest of the name unpronounceable.

I wrote all these because I am here sitting in office with absolutely no work to do and feeling sleepy. I yawned 6 times while writing these two paragraphs. This doesn’t mean I build satellites or work on rocket science on other days but I take 9 to 10 hours of sleep for sure but last night only half of that. Ok…I give up now. I better take some coffee and smoke to get rid of these unprofessional yawns.

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